Final seminar session on July 8th

In our final seminar session we gave a written seminar-feedback to Ralf. We also had a reflection about the seminar together. Each of us will have an oral examination.

I enjoyed this seminar a lot. I was able to improve my knowledge about eLearning especially because we didn´t just talk about eLearning in a theoretical form – we actually did eLearning! Also I liked the nice atmosphere in our seminar which enabled us to have interesting conversations and good collaboration.

Thanks to Ralf and to each participant of our seminar!

Have a great summer 2008 🙂

Learning Theories

The topic of our task 8 was learning theories (Behaviourism, Cognitivism, Constructivism and Connectivism). We had to solve the task 8 collaboratively and each of us was supposed to post some information on our wiki.

First we dicussed about this task in our latest seminar session, then we split up in groups and created a poster about each learning theorie. Finally each group presented their results.

Online seminar session

Our first online seminar session was an experience for all of us, I think.

We used Skype and Adobe Connect for this session. With Skype it worked well to communicate and to chat;  with Adobe Connect we had some technical problems. Unfortunately Jonas´s online presentation about zotero failed because of that. Nevertheless THANKS to him for the effort. Well, it seemed that it´s quite normal that technical difficulties occur in those kind of online settings. Now we know how it feels 🙂

I liked our first online session, because I drunk a nice non e-coffee and laughed about our funny chat.

See you soon!

Martina´s eLearning Place

This is my favourite eLearning Place!

I prefer to learn at home, because I´v got everything I need around me (a desk, a notebook, internet connection, printer, books, material etc.). Another advantage of learning in my room is that it´s quite there. Also I like it to drink a Latte Macchiato on the balcony or in the kitchen during my breaks.

The disadvantage of this place is that I study and sleep in the same room. Especially in busy times my material is spread around the whole room and it doesn´t feel nice to sleep between pales of books and papers.

VLE & PLE groupwork

On Friday Daniel and me met in the university PC-Pool to cut our PLE-Video with Windows Movie Maker. It didn´t work at all, because we had to restart the computer as soon as we tried to copy and paste a video sequence. We were pretty nerved and after a few hours we gave up. Instead we created our PLE-chart (example of a PLE) which we wanted to integrate in our Video. The base of it is an animated Powerpoint slide. Then we made screencaptures of this slide. Afterwards we splitted the video sequences into half and each of us cut them at home.

Yesterday we spent a long day at university until we finished our two videos.

We put our cut video sequences together into one movie, integrated the “PLE-chart” screencapture and edited the passages between the video sequences with some effects. Finally we chose the sound track.

Then we started to create our VLE-Video. Therefore we wrote notes on stickers (post-its) and took pictures of each image. We also edited the passages between the pictures with some effects and chose another sound track for this video. The second video didn´t take as much effort as the first one.

Finally we saved our videos 🙂

Then we finished our Powerpoint Presentation and put Links to the videos.

You have seen our results today. Thank you for your attention!

Compatibility problems

On Tuesday Daniel and me met early in the morning. We made screencaptures (Program Hypercam) in the PC-Pool in the 5th floor, which we want to integrate in our video.

We weren´t sure wether to use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to cut our video. The advantage of Movie Maker is that both Daniel and me have this program on our computers at home. The advantage of iMovie is that someone from the “Medienzentrum” can give us advice in case problems occur.

Well, we decided to use iMovie (the Macs in Room 514 are more attractive 🙂 ). First we got our video transfered in iMovie. After several trials to use the sreencaptures in the program iMovie we gave up and changed to Windows Movie Maker. Then we brought our video scenes and the screencaptures in order.

I know Mac and Windows compatibility problems are quite common, but unfortunately they took a lot of our time on Tuesday.